WOD {5-13-2013} Work Hard, Play Hard

Work HardYou should go through this conditioning circuit as fast as you possibly can three times.

Run 1x – Block
50 BattleRope Slams per arm
20 Hanging TRX Rows (10 per arm)
20 Kettlebell Squat into High Row (10 per arm)
20 Renegade Rows (10 per arm) in plank form
20 Sit-Up with Weight overhead (plate weight)
10 Barbell Thrusters AKA Push Press (55lb)
or scale it down (15 reps at 45lb/20 reps at 35lb/25 reps at 25lb)

50 ft of Broad Jump CTF Burpees (outside)
20 Pike-Ups into Push-Ups (Gliders)

If you’re completed in less than 30 minutes – then there will be a weighted workout for you to work on/or STRETCH
If it takes you 30-35 minutes – you have: 15 CTF Burpees to complete.
If it takes you 35:01 to 40 minutes – you have: 20 CTF Burpees to complete.
If it takes you 40:01 to 45 minutes – you have: 25 CTF Burpees to complete.
If you don’t complete it in the given 45 minute time frame – you have: 30 CTF Burpees to complete

Always remember to warm-up and stretch ;)


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