WOD {7/29/2013} Two’s Company

At the WOD today, we have two options:

Option 1: Partner WOD
**If you want to bring a friend or significant other for this WOD, there is no charge for them to participate.
But they must sign a waiver, so please have them do that at the front.
OR simply find a partner in class or go to OPTION 2 (Individual)

With a partner, only one person working at a time:
100 Elevated Push Ups (feet on the wall, tire, step), must be in good form
100 CTF Burpee Tire Jumps
100 Toes to the Bar
100 Weighted Sit-Up (20-30lb)
100 Squat Jumps (with hitting a vertical target overhead)
Run 1 mile (together)

Option 2: Individual WOD
** Do this simply at your own pace OR race someone doing it solo too!

100 Squat Jumps (with hitting a vertical target overhead)
90 Jumping Jacks
80 Weighted Sit Ups (20-30lb)
70 KB Swings
60 CTF Burpees
50 Broad Jumps
40 Tire Jump Ups
30 Bench Jumpers (30 per side, or 60 total)
20 Shoulder Push-Ups
10 Walking the Feet Up the Wall
Run 400m

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