WOD {6-10-2013} Kill It

Kill ItThis WOD was inspired to me from a friend of mine on Instagram {ladyfit} – where she took a few different WODs and put them back to back to make one seriously crazy WOD & I freaking love it. We’ve done something similar in class before… but this is strictly designed. Can’t wait.

So you’re going to begin at PART I and take it all the way to PART IV. No rests!
I’ll keep track of all the times/scores along the way.
Just focus on you! And getting through the mini-WODs.
Sweat baby Sweat!

PART I: Lift It!

Rule: 5,4,3,2,1
5 reps, 4 reps, 3 reps, 2 reps and then 1 rep each – FOR TIME!
A/B/C = just designates the amount of weight – you can choose which weight to go with!

Deadlift / A: 95lb, B: 65lb, C: 35lb
Push Press / A: 65lb, B: 55lb, C: 35lb
Push Up

PART II: Catch Your Breath

Rule: 5 x 10 (5 repetitions each for 10 rounds)

Kettle Bell Swing (full extension)
CTF Burpee (perfect form)
Sit Up (palm on ground)
Tire Jump Up (or step-up)

PART III: We want CORE, we want CORE, we just really want CORE!

Rule: As many rounds as you can for 8 minutes

10 Up/Downs
15 Double Crunch (legs straight out)
20 Butterfly Crunch
30 V-Ups

PART IV: Just Get Through It!

Rule: Go through the workout as fast as you can.

10 CTF Burpee
10 Tuck Jump
10 CTF Burpee
20 Alternating Jump Lunge
10 CTF Burpee
30 Crab Kicks (hands on the Bosu Ball)
10 CTF Burpee
40 Jumping Jack Squats

& you’re DONE!

*I will be watching VERY close for perfect form as you go through this workout.
*Good form = good results

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