WOD {5-5-2013} Heads or Tails


Heads or Tails

In a partner line-up or small group, you will flip a coin to determine your move! There are 20 rounds of exercises, try to get through as much as you can in 35 minutes! There are a variety of exercises included!

Exercises are listed on the board:

             HEADS                          TAILS
#1        30 Squats                 Run 200m
#2   10 CTF Burpees      40 DB Thruster
#3      5  Sprints                 100  Lunges

& so forth!

You and your group attempt to get through as many rounds as possible!
Flip the coin, do the exercise – cannot flip the coin again until you and your partner are 100% completed with the exercise before. If you’re ever waiting for your partner to finish, you are in either: squat hold, plank hold or doing sit-ups. You’re never stopping!

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