To My Unknown Heroes

This one goes out to my unknown heroes:

You’re the guy who breezes by me at a faster clip running over the bridge on a frigid morning. You make me run faster.

You’re the girl with a sick body killing it front row and center in cycling who’s on top of that beat, going faster, harder and ballsier than I am. You make me push harder.

You’re the chick who doesn’t give a shit that she’s the only girl in the weight room, lifting more than the dude next to her, flexing bigger muscle and MUCH bigger game than anyone in the room right now. You make me dig deeper.

You’re the annoyingly hot couple at the grocery store who’s fresh from their workout in stylish workout gear with perfectly messy hair. You make me buy things like kale. And you make me sprint home and swap my lazy sweatpants for spandex and hit the road.

You’re the one who got up earlier than I did, who’s running further than I am, who’s sweatier, more tired, busier, aiming higher, going harder than I am. You’re my inspiration. And my target.

This one goes out to you.



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