Prioritizing Your Goals

you vs. you

Prioritizing one’s goals is essential in the fitness world. Especially to a person who actually enjoys multiple sports and techniques.

I recently decided that it was time for me to prioritize my fitness goals to simplify my life (I posted about it a few weeks back). You guys… it is working.

Simplifying my life {with fitness} was essential – I was fatigued, burnt out, felt overwhelmed, not good enough and just really started to dislike myself.

Last year, I did: 4- 5Ks, 4- 10Ks, 1- 15K, 2- 50+ mile cycle events, 3 half marathons, 2 half Ironmans, began a new lifting program, started following macronutrients, completed a full marathon, and earlier this year, participated in Ragnar {and should have ran the Austin Half but had family issues that kept me back from doing that}.

WorkSweatAchieveI was training for speed {and distance}, I was lifting 4x per week (weakly) and running 4x per week (slowly). I was shoving cycling and swimming whenever possible. I was slacking on my yoga practice which I passionately love because I just didn’t have time to get it in there. I was falling off track with my macronutrient programming because my body could not exercise ridiculously long hours efficiently on the numbers that I was taking in. I gained 16.9lbs – but always felt like I was doing something fitness related so my mind was all out of whack from the relationship of weight gain vs. exercise routine. My own coaching in the studio started to fall to the wayside because I was literally beginning to hate anything exercise-related so teaching it became a burden. I was spiraling out of control in my own little fitness world. A world that I know that deep-down, I adore.

So I began some soul searching and decided that enough was enough.

First and foremost, I decided that I would never allow someone to tell me that I’m not good enough.

I also needed to change my OWN thinking around to stop feeling “not good enough” in all realms of fitness. I will never be the fastest or the strongest or the BEST at any particular sport. And really, who cares? The competition of the fitness world should be with oneself. I teach this on a daily basis — yet, I was struggling to get that through my own *stubborn* mind.

Secondly, I needed to make a few decisions regarding where I wanted to go from here, lay out of my goals, and find structure and routine.

I set a majority of my endurance training on the back burner – for now.
I decided to get strict with my lifting, macronutrients/flexible eating and then once I have that under control – getting a routine yoga practice back in my life.

My main {goal} at this time is to build strength, lose the excess weight that I put on, restore my flexibility and core strength & focus on shorter cardio events.

In a weird way –  I feel like a loser for not running 6+ miles a few times a week for training, or getting over to the Suncoast Trail to get 3 hours of saddle time in. I feel like a slacker having 2 mornings to “sleep-in”. It’s so crazy how our minds can distort so many things and yet, I could not be happier about my decision to take a step back and prioritize. Just because I’m not running a ton right now, doesn’t mean that I’m now all of a sudden, not a runner. And same goes for triathlons too.

In fact – I think that this change in my programming will actually make me a BETTER endurance athlete.

I want to take my: burnt out, slow, lifeless, heavy and weak body and transform it into a powerhouse through weight training, flexible and balanced eating, and yoga – so that when I begin to incorporate running, swimming and cycling back into my schedule, I will see major differences.

People always ask, “when’s your next race?”, or “when’s your next event?” … my response right now is “today, at the gym, me vs. myself”.

You Vs You

If you find yourself getting burnt out – it’s time to reevaluate where you’re at mentally, physically, and emotionally.
You can make some adjustments that will give you that much needed rebirth after some rest and evaluation.
There is no need to cram 1,000 different fitness styles into your routine. Figure out what’s important to you at this moment, and go with it.
Keep a list of your short-term and long-term goals.
And as always, remember you are good enough – no matter if you’re a beginner or advanced athlete, no matter the sport, and no matter your speed or strength level.
The important factor each day is to progress yourself and reach the goals you have set in your life.

xo Rebekah

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