How to Resist Food Urges…

How do you know when you are hungry vs having the munchies? If your stomach is full, how do you explain that funny phenomenon that the mouth wants to eat! Yeah, it´s crazy and one wonders how on earth does that stomach want more food when you are filled up on the right food. It´s ALL in the mind, ALL in the mind.

I´ve analyzed my own behavior and patterns of thinking a lot  and I have them pretty much down:

1. Watching TV makes me wanna eat. Now you know why I don’t know about any shows that you all talk about in the Studio, I simply hate watching TV.

2. If I don’t have a ton of vegetables at night – then I get so hungry.

3. Not working out makes me even more hungry.

How I solve those three? I don´t watch tv more than necessary and when I get an urge to eat I say it out loud and tell myself it is not hunger, just boredom. I make sure I eat a tremendous amount of veggies (especially at night). And if I get a craving, I go do cardio or something exercise-related to beat the urge!

When YOU get hit by a craving, follow these simple steps …

1. Delay any possible damage by writing down what you crave and what you expect to achieve by eating it?

2. Now, drink 20 oz of water, then wash your mouth with Listerine. Yuck is the feeling you want to get.

3. When that is done, go grab some carrots or celery and eat them as fast as possible. Yeah, they are not what you want but fool yourself you will get the other treat when you´ve finished them.

4. Make a phone call to your mom, sister, or friend and let her ramble atleast 20 minutes about life.

5. Now, check out pictures of the physique you want and ask yourself if by eating that junk you will get closer to that physique or not. Study the picture.

6. Still have the desire? Write down ten reasons why you will feel better for not eating this today.

7. Go to a mirror and tell yourself 60 times  “I will feel better without it, this craving will past”

8. Tell yourself you are a winner and winners DO NOT cheat themselves. No excuses.

9. Have a protein shake. Make it with double the amount of water.

10. Ask yourself what I would tell you if you emailed me that you want to eat crap. Think about what I would write you back in return.

11. Finally, ask yourself if you would eat this if I was sitting over your shoulder. Or I had a clear view of you putting this into your mouth.



<Excerpts taken from P.N. Fitness Blog>

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