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At Iron Fit Performance, no one is alone on their journey to wellness & a healthy lifestyle.  Besides the different workout techniques and Boot Camp sessions that are always changing — the people that attend Iron Fit Performance have not only made friends, but have created a community among them. It’s competitive, it’s fun, it’s addicting.

Community within our IFP doors goes beyond religious beliefs, political beliefs, race, ethnicity and background. Every single person finds a common thread by understanding that while we all have different goals in mind – we’re still all here to improve our bodies, to improve our minds, and to improve our lives.

Did you know that even if you are having a bad day, that your attendance to class is essential to the others? You attend classes for yourself, but did you know that the girl who is running behind you is looking forward to being able to keep up and join you next week? Did you know that you’re a source of inspiration to the others in class – whether it’s on how many Burpees you can do, or how you never give up – no matter how bad you’re struggling? Did you know that just by laying down next to your fellow classmates, that you’re saying “I believe in you. And I know you will one day reach your goal”? You are A PART of a community that can never be bought or put together elsewhere.

Negativity? Go elsewhere. We’re here to get through life’s struggles and come out on top.

Excuses? Over it. Someone else has a sadder story, but guess what? They are at class right now.


Welcome to Iron Fit Performance, where our common thread is motivation, determination, belief in ourselves and others. . It would be a privledge to have you join OUR community.

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  1. Very well said! This is one place we can all come in with very different wellness goals and be on the road to achieve them all. It is where our thoughts head towards reality!

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