You’re Only Hurting Yourself

After a 1.5 hour yoga session & refreshness – I noticed a few things. Often times from clients of mine or others that I know – I hear: that yoga is “not for them” due to the so-called slowness, it’s not a “workout”, they have ADD & can’t concentrate, or that they can’t stop laughing because the moves are too funny. Yet – 9 times out of 10, these same people are the ones suffering from knee issues, tight hips, sore lower backs, stiff shoulders, complain of feeling “bulky” or have overall pain after workouts. I sense a correlation. You may not burn 700 calories in yoga, but the overall benefit you’ll get from the stretching and flexibility will surpass any calorie that you burn since you’ll be preventing yourself from injuries & thus keeping your body intact to workout. So to the “yoga haters” of the world- I offer […]