A Tribute to F4F’s 1st client!

Fit For Fashion would be nothing without YOU ALL! Without your obedience, consistency, hardwork, devotion & passion – we’d still be a 1-dumbbell, 1 yoga mat, 1 resistance band, a few cones @ the PARK, in the rain with no timer or tire to flip. And it all started with…   MS. ASHLI COOPER {Thank God for Twitter} There were a few others as well, but Ashli has remained the most consistent !   Now Ashli as relocated to Austin, Texas – yeehaw – and we’ll all miss her very deeply. We saw her run her heart out & get nice, toned, and strong!   We’ll miss you Ashli – but we’re only a FACEBOOK PAGE AWAY!   Love, All of the Ladies at Fit For Fashion

Fit Girls Guide to Beauty: Interview with Lebbet Riollano

This week we interviewed Lebbet Riollano – she is a Professional Make-up & Airbrush Artist as well as a fitness enthusiast who knows how to stay in tip top shape and keep a gorgeous appearance. I asked her lots of questions about skin, hair & make-up and learned so much myself. Take her tips, visit her site, and use them in your daily life to stay fit and blemish-free.   The Basics: Name: Lebbet Riollano Occupation:  VP and Co-Founder of Boost Lab, Inc. and Professional Make-up & Airbrush Artist Website: LebbetRiollano.com    How long you’ve been interested in beauty/style/etc: My whole life! Professionally, 7 years.  How long you’ve been interested in fitness: I became serious about my fitness at 17 when I was diagnosed with Hypothyroidism due to a benign tumor in my Thyroid. I trained extremely hard, ate super clean (before it was coined that term) and managed to […]

Beauty Tips For Fit Girls

Sometimes, it’s all you can do to squeeze a workout during your lunch hour, before the evening PTA meeting, or on your way to work in the AM. In an ideal world, you’d also have time to shower, fix your hair, and dress to impress. But in the real world, you don’t always have time for all of this. Instead of skipping your workout altogether in lieu of extra shower time, consider some of these shower alternatives for time-pressed exercisers. Workout Clothes There are many different ways to refresh your body, from head to toe, starting with your workout clothes. Sitting around for hours in sweaty clothes isn’t very comfortable or appealing to your co-workers. Bring a change of clothes to the gym, everything from socks, to shirts and even undergarments. Women especially need to bring a change of underwear to prevent yeast infections that might arise when wearing damp […]

Loose Clothing = Less Motivated?

Could a new tank top or exercise pants make you work out more often or help you run further? Not exactly, but wearing something that’s flattering can be a motivating boost for anyone who hesitates to join an exercise class or go to the gym. That’s not to say you need to spend big money on workout clothes. The days of carefully co-ordinated gym wear like the G-string leotards of the early ’90s are over. Workout clothes are far less self-conscious than they used to be – and a good thing, too.  Don’t take refuge in a big T-shirt because it’s proven that a black singlet and pants that skim, but don’t hug your contours too tightly are more flattering than baggy tops. Although going to the gym shouldn’t be a fashion show, it’s still important to look good. Besides, when you look good, you feel good. Wearing comfortable clothing […]

Bare It All…

  There are many theories on why women love to wear lingerie. For women it isn’t about whether or not anyone else will see it, it is for themselves. How women perceive themselves helps their over all self esteem. If you think you look sexy in that camisole then you are sexy. Looking and feeling good is a big part our society today. Many people assume when a woman wears lingerie that is solely for a man’s pleasure. Even though lingerie has been worn for centuries for the pleasure of the opposite sex, it is not the main focus for women these days or in the past. Now it is more of a notion of self-image and feeling attractive for ones self rather than for anybody else. It is about feeling good about the whole you and knowing you are sexy even when you don’t readily show everyone else. Interestingly […]

Guilty Pleasures

The beautiful thing about memories is that they are yours, whether they are good, bad or indifferent.. they belong to you. & no matter where life takes you, your memories tie you to where you`ve been.   We all have guilty pleasures…here are some of my own: 01. Purchasing magazines at the store instead of saving $ by subscribing 02. Dancing everywhere – to the bathroom, on the patio, in the car 03. Doodling my name (practicing my autograph) 04. Twitter 05. Buying an item just because it’s on the sell or clearance rack 06. Cookies made by my little sister, Lu 07. Not checking my voicemail for days 08. Sending random picture text messages 09. Writing out to-do lists, then re-writing because it was messy 10. Listening to a song, and picturing myself being in the music video for it 11. Cool whip 12. Wanting to work out after a […]