4th Annual Little Black Dress

Our 4th Annual Little Black Dress challenge is already here! Wow, time flies..

This Challenge runs from October 16th until December 10th, 2017.

$50 Entry gives you:

  • An 8-week detailed program via PDF that involves daily meal templates, workout routines, lifestyle overhauls, motivational blurbs, and discounts to local stores/items. This is a day-to-day layout that will help to keep you on track with areas to journal/write down weaknesses and strengths along the way.
    —-If you prefer a spiral bound printed notebook, we will have them for $10.00 in the studio.


  • Full Assessments that include: Photos, Measurements, Weight & Body Fat Percentage


  • Access to our IFP Nutrition Page on Facebook (typically $15.00/month without a class package) that will feature the following:
    • Recipes
    • Tutorials (meal prep & cooking)
    • Q & A weekly meetings – likely on Wednesday evenings at 7:30pm via Facebook
    • Moderator in charge to keep the discussions going and help you to stay on track


  • Access to our FINAL party (details are being worked out currently, so the final date will be announced by the start of the challenge) to show off your hard-work


No studio classes are included in this entry fee. You will pay for classes separately.

If you wanting to join from afar – the cost is $30.00. Cost includes program + Facebook group

If you wanting to join from afar, but plan on attending the final party – the cost is $50.00.


You MUST attend a meeting prior to the challenge (or you will forfeit your $$ and spot):

Meeting #1 : Sunday, October 8 @ 7pm

Meeting #2: Wednesday, October 11 @ 7:15pm

This meeting will take less than an hour – you will sign-up for your assessment time, receive information on “points” during the challenge, and learn how the challenge can help you if you stay on track. I will go through a quick power point on what to expect.


This challenge will have a LIMITED amount of entries.

First come, first serve.

Sign-ups begin on October 2nd and will run until October 11th (or until entries are sold out).


Are you feeling lucky??

On October 16th, we will do a raffle to select two ladies who have signed up for the LBD Challenge

to receive 8 *free* PT Sessions (worth $175+).

The perfect supplement to increase your chances at winning!


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